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It was December 22, 1970 when in Italy a film entitled "They call me Trinity" was released, directed by EB Clucher with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, and a soundtrack signed by Franco Micalizzi - partly also taken up by Quentin Tarantino on the ending of Django Unchained in 2012 - with the opening and closing song written for the text by the British singer-songwriter Lally Stott and interpreted by the powerful voice of Annibale Giannarelli. Fifty years after that film and that musical carpet, Trinity arrives, the second single from the album Feeling High (New Team Music / Believe) by Nusia , always fascinated by the combination of music and cinema. Trinity is played by Nusia together with Frankie and is accompanied by a video directed by Giuseppe Bianchi, and for photography by Andrea Boccalini, which takes up the famous theme of the film. West Edizioni Musicali contributed to the production of the video (which was part of the West film which, in 1970, produced the original film and the Star Edizioni Musicali of the Curci group).
















"I was very lucky when Dario Valle, author of my first single and co-producer of the album, managed to convince Franco Micalizzi himself that I would be able to sing" Trinity "even though that was a more suitable song for a male voice - says Nusia - It is up to you to tell if I was, also thanks to the soulful voice and skill as a singer, but also as a soul, of Frankie Lo Vecchio who duet with me ".

The album then reflects “so many moods so many moments because everything is reflected and expressed through the music. The pieces of Franco that I heard and that he proposed to me all reflected in something in my life, in my emotions in my desire to express them through singing, through the atmosphere that each piece had. So to reach the sentiment and the sensitivity of a slightly special audience because, after all, we are all a little special. So a huge audience with what are the things that Franco and everyone try. In joyful situations in sad situations in strong situations. We wanted to communicate all these sensations to our fellow men, if we succeeded, we are happy ”.

This is the tracklist of Feeling High by Nusia : It's a rendez-vous, Sophie, Moorea, Eastwood Eyes, Laure, Stop waiting, Trinity, Last snow, Summerdays, winternights, Feeling high, Arrête-toi Superman, Loving you my way.

Born in Cologne, Germany, to a family of Sicilian origin, Nusia comes second in the A Girl for Cinema competition, immediately obtaining a contract in Milan in the field of fashion. He learns the art of acting at the theater academy Centro teatro active, and then at the MAAS (music, art and show) a training center for the show. In 1999 she was co-host of the football program The trial of the fans on Gold Tv. In 2000 she participated in Miss Italia, entering among the 50 finalists. After moving to Rome, she works as a model and lends her face to various advertisements and video clips, including Stop America by Edoardo Bennato. In 2002-2003 she joined Gianni Morandi in the 16 episodes of the program Uno di noi on Raiuno and was hired by the broadcaster dedicated to the world of cinema Coming Soon Television where she remained until 2008 as host of various programs. In 2005 he led a film column on Omnibus on La7 until 2007. Moving on to the theater, Nusia joined the Metis company in Rome performing at the Teatro dei Servi and at the Teatro della Cometa. He travels a lot, visiting Asia, the Americas and Europe. He gets small parts in some movies and TV dramas, working with Pupi Avati, Roberto Faenza, Woody Allen and Alexis Sweet. Inherited a visceral passion for music from his father and mother, he studied singing and guitar at the Saint Louis in Rome, and then continued as a self-taught. He has collaborated on the album Light signs by the Italian composer Riccardo Ebersbacher, where he collaborates on the lyrics and lends his voice to two tracks… Tausend und eine Nacht is his first single with Ultra Music. On May 19, 2020, the single Eastwood Eyes (feat. Daniel Danielson) was released for the New Team Music label which releases its album Feeling High in December 2020.

By Patrizia Simonetti

December 15, 2020

Source: SpettacoloMania

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