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Nusia was born in Cologne, Germany, in the small village of Sankt-Augustin, near Bonn. She grew up with two cultures, speaking Italian at home, German and English at school. Her family kept their culture alive by taking her to Sicily regularly during school holidays.

After her arrival in Italy at the age of 17 she was selected for the beauty and cinema competition, « Una ragazza per il cinema », and took second place. She immediately signed with a fashion agency in Milan. During her stay in Milan, she began attending the « Centro Teatro Attiva », where she studied theatre. Nusia also studied at the M.A.A.S (Music, Art and Show) performing arts school.

In 1999, she started co-hosting the football programme  « Il processo dei tifosi » on the Italian channel Gold TV (part of the Sciscione Group). In 2000, she took part in the « Miss Italy » competition and ranked in the top 50. She also took part in a program broadcast on MTV Italy and other Prime Time television programs on Rai Uno. She then moved to Rome, working as a model and actress. She appeared in various commercials (Pepsi, Olivetti, Vodafone, Nissan, Play Wind...) and in music videos, including « Stop America » by Edoardo Bennato.

During her time in « Miss Italy » Italian star Claudio Fasulo offered her a place on the Saturday evening show « Uno di noi » (directed by Duccio Forzano) alongside Gianni Morandi and Lorella Cuccarini.


Nusia’s degree in Oriental languages from the University of Rome La Sapienza opened many doors in TV for her. For example, in 2003, she was hired by Coming Soon Television, the television channel dedicated to cinema, where she presented many shows until 2008.


In 2005, she was assigned to direct the LA7 show « Omnibus Estate » , which ran until 2007.

After her TV career, Nusia turned her hand to theatre and got a place in the Metis theatre troupe in Rome. She performed at the « Teatro de Servi » and the « Teatro della Cometa ». Her obvious curiosity and desire to try different things also pushed her to travel around the world.

Nusia landed roles in some TV movies and drama, working with Pupi Avati, Roberto Faenza, Woody Allen, Alexis Sweet, Cosimo Alema and Riccardo Grandi.


As the daughter of a bass player, Nusia inherited her father’s passion for music. She attended the prestigious « Saint Louis » school of music in Rome, where she studied singing and then continued as a self-taught singer.


This offered her the opportunity to work with the Italian composer Riccardo Ebersbacher. She helped write and sing on two songs on his  « Light Signs » album.


Having signed with Ultra Music, she released her first single « Tausend und eine Nacht ». Then, on May 19th 2020, she released « Eastwood Eyes » (feat. Daniel Danielson). This time with New Team Music. In December 2020, she released her first album, « Feeling High ». The album was produced by Franco Micalizzi, for whom she had previously written.


Later this year, Nusia will take on the role of a Sicilian singer in the series « Maria Corleone » (produced by Clemart and Taodue) on Canale 5. She will also be appearing in « Die Diplomatin », a UFA Fiction-produced series of German detective films shot in Rome.

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