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Discover a preview of the first minute live of the video clip of “It's a rendez-vous”, a song extracted from the album “Feeling High”.


Karner H together with Andrea Maiorino made the first official Trinity remix. Watch the video clip.


with The Social Band and Frankie Lovecchio in the "Radio2 Social Club" program.

Nuovo album

The new album by NUSIA, arrives on the radio on 8 December, as well as in the stores and on the platforms, the single "Trinity" pioneering the project "Trinità - half a century" which was created to celebrate half a century of history of Italian music in cinema.


The song composed in 1970 by Franco Micalizzi with the lyrics of Lally Stott today is interpreted by Nusia and Frankie and is contained in the album "Feeling High" by Nusia released the same day on the New Team Music label distributed by Believe.

"Half a century of Trinity, what memories - says Franco Micalizzi - if we consider that when it was shot, the producers considered it as a small recovery film, using scenery already equipped for many other films on the Lungotevere, I think of Magliana, for the sequences on horseback of the two protagonists or among others like, for example, the "campo dei mormoni", for the shooting, was installed in Abruzzo. After half a century, this fantastic film, which seems to have been released yesterday, makes fun of being the biggest success of all time among Italian films. 'They Call Me Trinity' and I think they will continue to call it that at least until the end of this century, but let us not set limits... I who wrote the music of this hit film - continues Micalizzi - I consider that I am very lucky because the success of the theme Trinity will accompany him forever. I’d also like to tell you that I heard about an incredible journalistic scoop, think that after half a century, an unknown journalist discovered who was cooking these tasty beans on the tray and, more importantly, came into possession of the precious recipe of these tasty Trinity beans that we all would have liked to taste. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know..."

December 1, 2020.

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