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Astinenza - Nusia (feat. Manuel Cimini)

Astinenza - Nusia (feat. Manuel Cimini)
Astinenza - Nusia (feat. Manuel Cimini)

Astinenza - Nusia (feat. Manuel Cimini)

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Onde Evitare - Nusia feat. Manus

Onde Evitare - Nusia feat. Manus

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Maria Corleone - Nusia Gorgone : "Ciuri Ciuri"

Maria Corleone - Nusia Gorgone : "Ciuri Ciuri"

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"Onde Evitare", the new single by Nusia feat. Manus already available on digital platforms from February 2.

Choose your favorite platform and listen to ONDE EVITARE
Manu composer singer and Nusia actress and singer a right symbiosis in a combination of sound and musical experiences traveling between different realities walking through the streets of the underground until you get to airy atmospheres breathing air in a daring game of notes.

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We start the year 2024 with a preview of a new song :

DIE DIPLOMATIN - Vermisst in Rom

A UFA Fiction production commissioned by ARD Degeto for ARD.
In this new German « Thriller » directed by Roland Suso Richter, Nusia Gorgone (alongside Italian actor Fabrizio Romagnoli) plays the role of a translator (Italian/German) at the German embassy in Rome. At a concert in Rome, the daughter of a German multimillionaire is kidnapped.

In the hostage case, the young activists only negotiate with diplomat Karla Lorenz (Natalia Wörner).


Nusia plays the role of a singer during a party, in the new fiction « Maria Corleone » scheduled in prime time on Canale 5.


Nusia sings a revisited « Ciuri ciuri ».


Despite the reference to the mafia films directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and the fact that the protagonist is named after Michael Corleone’s daughter in « The Godfather », Maria Corleone it’s not set in that universe. And it’s not even a true story.

Maria Corleone - Nusia

All Music Italia

Article published in All Music Italia:


Nusia, a life between cinema, theater, fashion, TV and music, returns with "Moorea" and tells the escape from a tyranny of love.

During 2023 Nusia will be among the protagonists of two important television projects, in Italy and Germany.

Moorea is the new single by singer and actress Nusia already out on all digital platforms...

All Music Italia Nusia Moorea.png

MOEVIR Magazine Paris - April 2023


Publisher: MOEVIR PARIS Magazine Publication: (Paris, France)
Issue: April 2023 - PARIS EDITION
Photographer: Fabio Paparelli
Model: Nusia Gorgone
Creative director : Antonio Bardini
Makeup artist: Massimo Polese
Hair stylist: Alessio Viscontini
Location: Domus Ciancaleoni (Rome, Italy)

Soon in a German series produced by UFA Fiction

Nusia Telefilm.jpg

I loved working with the Germans, it was my first time on a Deutscher Set, with a stronger role, imbued with my true nature. And with a director who really made me want to be an actress, with his method of shooting everything in sequence.

«Die Diplomatin » is a German crime drama television series produced by UFA Fiction, whose plot is shot in Rome.

A role of Sicilian singer

In the spring of 2023, Nusia will play the role of a Sicilian singer, in a new TV series, among the most anticipated news of the next season of Fiction Mediaset. From the producers of Rosy Abate and Team Antimafia arrives "Maria Corleone"   the new TV series produced by Clemart and Taodue Film for Channel 5, in 4 evenings, with Rosa Diletta Rossi and Fortunato Cerlino.

Maria Corleone.jpg

New song "A mare" to be released soon

"A mare" tells of the desire to be together, despite the fact that our follies continually tend to distance us from the people we love. And so the sea becomes the refuge where we escape to regroup our ideas in solitude, but also the place where we can dive in two and find ourselves, floating above difficulties.

A dreamy yet energetic track, characterised by tight lyrics and an engaging yet ethereal electro/pop beat.

Nusia Studio Max Calo Production.jpg

Welcome to the official website of Nusia Gorgone. Actress, television presenter and singer

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