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The single that celebrates half a century since the release of the soundtrack of "LO CHIAMAVANO TRINITÀ", the Italian film still blockbuster today, arrives on radio and digitally. It was the mythical 70s when the Italian public filled the cinemas to dream and immerse themselves in those landscapes with a taste of sand and hissing of the wind, so far from our world yet masterfully made with the few resources available, in the Cinecittà studios or in the outskirts of Rome and in the Roman suburbs.   Among the composers who contributed to making the spaghetti-western genre famous, the name of maestro Franco Micalizzi stands out who, with the creation of the soundtrack of "They called him Trinity", reached the apex of his celebrity. His is the idea of relaunching the song and having it reinterpreted by the young singer Nusia in a duet with Frankie Lovecchio, a well-known singer of the Roman music scene and beyond, with a warm soulful voice.


Nusia, an artist born in Germany but with Sicilian origins, wanted to make his first album "FEELING HIGH" (New Team Music / Believe) with Maestro Micalizzi, where we find the song "Trinity" also released with the creation of a beautiful video clip directed by Andrea Boccalini, with photography by Giuseppe Bianchi. The video clip, which is based on the famous theme of the film "They Call Me Trinity", magically takes us back to the 70s, to those cassette films that are back in fashion even in America where among the greatest fans we find even Quentin Tarantino, who used Franco Micalizzi's themes for “Django Unchained” and “Grindhouse - Death proof”.   West Edizioni Musicali contributed to the production of the video (which was part of the West film which, in 1970, produced the original film and the Star Edizioni Musicali of the Curci group).

Nusia how did your passion for cinema and above all for the western genre come about?

My passion for cinema dates back to childhood. I remember when in the evening, while my parents were working in the restaurant, in order not to get bored I watched many films, sometimes even two / three one after the other. Those stories of faraway places made me dream of leaving my village where I lived in Germany. Thanks to those films I realized that I wanted to be an actress, maybe in an action movie. Then I convinced my friends and friends to go and see the films of my choice. I was particularly struck by a western like "The Texan with the eyes of ice", it is from that film that I started to get passionate about that genre, I really liked Clint Eastwood, but above all the films of Sergio Leone.

Which musical genre do you feel closest to? And which one would you like to be inspired by in your next works?

I am a multifaceted person in life and also in music I like to listen to various genres from Italian Pop to International, from Soul to Rock, R&B, I like Black Music, Motown, Hip Hop music. Among my favorite songs I could mention Salt'n 'Pepa, and among the singers I love  Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Anouk, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Billy Joel. I immediately began to appreciate Italian music too thanks to the long car trips spent with my father who made me listen to Pino Daniele, Zucchero, Paolo Conte, Bertè, the Rector, Vasco, Celentano and many others. Surely in my next works I will be inspired by the Italian  musica and partly also by the Spanish one. I can't say more but it will be something totally different from my last album "Feeling High", it will be a more summery, light Pop genre, because a little lightness after this lockdown wouldn't hurt.

At the beginning of your artistic career you dedicated yourself a lot to cinema and television, also conducting successful programs in 2003 such as “Coming Soon Television”, where you remained until 2008 as host of various programs. In 2005, continuing your work at “Coming Soon Television”, you obtained the conduct of a film column in the journalistic program “Omnibus” on La7 until 2007. Why did you decide to change your career, turning towards music?

After the experience as a TV host, I left for a sabbatical, without considering that when I returned it would not be easy to return to TV. In fact, my authors at the time of Omnibus, Antonio Caggiano and Silvina Perez had warned me, but my desire to travel and my stubbornness was greater. Meanwhile my father, who was my first fan,   told me to sing (this from a very young age), but I was too shy to perform in public. Fortunately, I was also a very determined girl and since I couldn't live without a creative job,     I started to be part of a theater company. The initial aim was to overcome my shyness, acting helped me do an amazing job on myself. The author theater has also given me enormous artistic satisfaction. How did I get into music? One day, for fun it was in 2004,   I had already written and sung 2 songs for my composer friend Riccardo Eberspacher in his Album Light Signs, who again in 2017 asked me to write and sing on one of his songs. He wanted it in German, the result was Tausend und eine Nacht which I then had Emanuele Asti remix and ended up at Ultra Music in NY thanks to Paul Sears and Charlie Rapino. I was totally caught  impreparata, I didn't have much experience yet. Who expected it? In the same year, through a website, Music Village, I also met Dario Valle, musician and composer,   he wanted to swap my microphone for his guitar. This is how our collaboration was born and that è  also became co-producer of the album Feeling High. Without his music we would never have come to have Eastwood Eyes produced and arranged, a single then arranged and produced by Maestro Franco Micalizzi who proposed us to produce the entire Feeling High album.


In the past you approached the world of fashion but you also studied acting at the Centro Teatro active in Milan thanks to which you later had several participations in important films. You also got small parts in some movies and TV dramas, working with Pupi Avati, Roberto Faenza, Woody Allen and Alexis Sweet. In addition to music, do you think that theater and cinema will still be part of your life, or will you devote yourself exclusively to music?

No no, I have already been involved in the fascinating world of podcast fiction and I am happy about it. would enrich.

Do you still have a dream to realize or a project you have been thinking about for some time?

My dream is not in the drawer, it is on the desk! When I work, I usually keep my dreams in mind because in order to realize them it is important not to forget them in a drawer! I am proud of myself because I have achieved many and ambitious ones to date. Right now I'd like to give my parents a concrete hand, I know that money doesn't bring happiness but it helps. After this my intent is always to realize myself through TV, cinema or music. Those with an artistic spirit cannot live without art.

By Maddalena Maglione

January 8, 2021


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