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The plays he does range from Italian pop to international pop, from soul to rock, R&B, black music, motown in particular, plus hip hop thanks to his brother. And then Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel and many others. Between her father, a former bassist and a mother who is passionate about music, it was they who passed on to her the love for music. Traveling from Germany to Sicily, which he traveled with his family every year for the summer holidays, his father made everyone feel Pino Daniele, Zucchero, Paolo Conte, Loredana Bertè, Donatella Rettore, Vasco Rossi, Adriano Celentano. Among the new generation artists he greatly appreciates Diodato.

I liked Anouk's 'Nobody's Wife' so much, so rock, so free and wild, while I was full of shame - said the artist exclusively for Pinkblog - How shy I was my mother. But then once the microphone was in my hand, I didn't want to give it back to the karaoke guy. That song was my workhorse on the stages among friends, especially at home, where my parents' friends came every Saturday evening. My mother, who likes to sing since she also has a divine voice, used to organize certain singing evenings with a professional system ".


We arrive at the publication of Trinity, with the approval of Maestro Franco Micalizzi. Dario Valle, who also worked on the album, insisted with the Maestro on the low tones of Nusia (since it is a song suitable for a male voice) and so he was convinced and thought of a duet with Fankie Lovecchio . “ In short, I could have met the teacher in another year… right? Instead this is the year of the 50th anniversary of They called him trinity and how can I not feel kissed by chance or luck? And who expected it, of course I was hoping for it but it was still a song for a male voice. In my record there are many songs with an Anima Soul that lift the heart ”.

He is currently working with Dario Valle on new songs: often they start with guitar and voice to look for melodies, write, have fun with folk / rock sounds. Together, special things are always born, perhaps even to the friendship that unites them. The themes are usually about love, but also about family difficulties. And then there is the human side of each person with their limitations and frailties.

I have already fulfilled several dreams I feel lucky and now the album too and I hope we can bring it live as soon as this strange moment ends. This is a dream. Winning a fight against chicken robbers on making my family home is a dream. Also a long story. Is another dream to make a fiction? In the meantime I have been involved in the fascinating world of podcasting fiction and you will soon have news ”.

By Samantha Suriani

December 22, 2020


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