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Nusia, actress-singer, on Musicandolive talked about the release of her new single 'Eastwood Eyes', also announcing a good news.

Nusia, can you tell us about this single Eastwood Eyes?

"Of course. In fact, some notes came to my mind while I was on vacation in Paris in 2017. The title I already had in mind. I have always been passionate about cinema. Eastwood is a character I have always loved, his gaze was the source of my inspiration and I could only call this single that. The song, however, was born thanks to the collaboration with the guitarist Dario Valle, known in 2018. It is a song produced by Franco Micalizzi, who I met through the master of horror Claudio Simonetti. The strange thing was that I discovered, after 10 years, that Claudio Simonetti lived not far from my house. When Franco heard the demo he immediately said he wanted to produce it. We have been collaborating with him for nine months now and we are working on an album ”.

How was the passion for music born?

“My father was a bass player, but my mother has always had a passion for singing as well. In fact, she had also had proposals to be able to pursue a career as a singer, but for other reasons she did not carry on. I, on the other hand, in a certain sense, have continued this great passion of his ".

In the field of fashion and TV you are a well-known face, we remind you that you were among the 50 finalists of Miss Italia, as well as having shot several TV commercials and participated in television broadcasts. Could you bring us some nice background that happened to you?

“There are so many. In 2003, I participated in the conduct of a broadcast with Gianni Morandi and, in one of the 16 episodes, there was a guest Lucio Dalla. They had organized a boxing match between him and  Morandi. A comic skit that was very nice. Morandi is a great character: with him, in that period, we worked on  Cinecittà.  I remember that he had a crazy memory, he knew all the names of those who were part of production. A very humble person, he liked so much the German biscuits that I brought into production when the Christmas period came ".

German biscuits because, we remember, you were born in Germany

“Yes, I was born in Germany even though I come from a Sicilian family”.

We come to the theater. How does it all start?

“Initially I didn't think about the theater. Traveling a lot in America, I found that many people used theater as a real form of therapy. I joined a company thanks to the director Alessia Oteri, also from Sicily. My first show was Macbeth. I remember with strong emotion when I found myself for the first time in front of the public. For me it was a new world, unlike when I was Coming soon television, where I had only a camera, the assistant and the director in front of me. Artistically, I must say that the theater has given me great satisfaction ".

You have also worked with movie characters such as Pupi Avati and Woody Allen himself. What can you tell us?

“With Pupi there was a particular anecdote for him, but very nice for me. We were shooting a scene from a film with Cesare Cremonini and I fell off my bicycle while I was going down a slope. For him it was a big scare (laughs). Pupi, however, is a very sweet person.  Woody is certainly a great director, his resume, moreover, is known to all ".

Can you tell us something that is boiling in the pot?

“During this lockdown we wrote many other things, but I can tell you one thing: Franco Micalizzi made me write, together with Ernesto Leotta, the text of the famous The Last Snow in Spring. This is a kind of rap that will be out soon. We finished just yesterday ”.

The dream you would like to realize and who would you like to collaborate with?

“I would like to live only on music and I would like to collaborate with different artists. Among these are Loredana Bertè and Vasco Rossi ” .

By Claudio Donato

May 25, 2020.


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